Edwina Tops-Alexander Launches New Equestrian Jewellery Range Inspired By Legendary Horse Itot du Château

Edwina Tops-Alexander Launches New Equestrian Jewellery Range Inspired By Legendary Horse Itot du Château
Published  08.12.2022

Olympic show jumper Edwina Tops-Alexander has launched an exciting new jewellery range named and inspired by her horse of a lifetime Toti. Each jewellery item has a story behind it to reflect the special characteristics of the phenomenal equine star Itot du Chateau.
Photo Lena Saugen

The collection is truly inspired by passion and is designed to be the next level fine jewellery with unique and elegant designs that will inspire equestrians to fulfill their goals and celebrate their most cherished moments.

Toti overcame a major accident when he was young and against the odds, he grew into one of the most successful show jumping horses in the world. This kick started the inspiration for Edwina to create items of jewelry that embody his qualities. Each piece is meant to give its owner a connection to Toti’s unbreakable, winning nature.

Speaking on the exciting journey Tops-Alexander smiled:

“It is truly a dream come true to launch TOTI Equestrian. With his magical and warrior spirit, Toti inspired me to create the TOTI Equestrian Line of Fine Jewellery. It’s been 2 years in the making with a lot of effort and trying to juggle everything with my riding and motherhood. Still, I wanted to take my time to ensure that the brand would live up to my expectations and honor the unbreakable bond and my endless admiration for my ‘wonder horse’ and the unforgettable journey we shared together. Each design, every single one crafted from 18k gold and made in Belgium, has a special meaning that evokes a sense of encouragement and compassion in those wearing our unique jewellery pieces. My idea was to create subtle designs that you can wear every day, but with a high-quality standard.”


Edwina Tops-Alexander Launches New Equestrian Jewellery Range Inspired By Legendary Horse Itot du Château

TOTI Equestrian will also be donating 2% of all sales revenue to the newly formed ITOT Foundation. The brainchild of Edwina Tops-Alexander, the ITOT Foundation will help children and adults with mental and physical disabilities through the power of equine therapy.

Speaking of the importance of the Foundation Edwina explained: “It is important to me to give back, so I also decided to create the ITOT Foundation, honoring Itot’s resilience by helping people with disabilities through equine therapy. Horses are powerful healers and the foundatio will fund equine therapy projects.”

The collection features:

Inspiration: The Bit
The bit was an important element in the communication between Edwina and Toti and represents the celebration of success.

Inspiration: The Horseshoe
Toti was always positive and confident. His horseshoe urges you to keep going with confidence.

Inspiration: The Monogram
The Monogram was designed to incorporate the names TOTI / ITOT. It embodies the challenges we face and the strength to achieve our goals.

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