A day in the life of 'Toti'

A day in the life of 'Toti'
Published  09.05.2019
As many of you have been asking about how 'Toti' (Itot de Chateau) is doing, Edwina decided to give you an update about 'the old star' in the stable!

Photo Lena Saugen 
"I'm glad to tell you that Toti is having a wonderful time in life just as he deserves. He is still happy to keep his giant 'bedroom' which is the number one stable at Stal Tops. Other than not being in the sport anymore Toti still has all of the same characteristics. Means he loves attention which I can promise you he gets lots of every day!

Every day after breakfast, he goes into the cross ties which can take some time because he doesn't like to go in there unless he gets a treat ( In fact, he doesn't want to go anywhere unless he gets his treat!!) So every day is a bit the same old story with him :-) He then enjoys a gentle brush which turns into a whole scratching episode. After his grooming session, he gets out in his paddock with a portion of hay. He really loves being out, keeping an eye on everything and watching his friends getting exercised and having to do there dressage and jumping work. Around midday, he returns to his 'bedroom' to enjoy a light lunch and a good rest.

Every afternoon lots of friends will come and visit him in the stable (but they better offer him some treats; otherwise, he will keep pushing them around until he gets something out of their pockets.) Especially, he loves it when my daughter Chloé is coming over. He absolutely adores her and is always very gentle with her.

Later in the day, he goes for a walk (or drags one of the girls around until he gets some yummy grass) before he goes back into his bedroom waiting for his dinner. Unfortunately, he cannot have his bedroom door half open as he escapes easily, but he's good at letting us know he's there to ensure he receives all the attention he wants!

Even though he's enjoying his life in retirement, I think he would love to still be in the sport! I actually tried a few times, after he was retired, to go hacking in the woods, but as he got a little bit too fresh and out of control, I decided it wasn't worth getting him so worked up. Instead, he's given himself a little work out in the paddock.

Thank you, everyone, for asking about him, it warms my heart knowing he is not forgotten!"
A day in the life of 'Toti'
Edwina Tops-Alexander rides Itot du Chateau in the individual jumping event at the London 2012 Olympic Games on August 8, 2012. Phot abc.net.au
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