"Keep safe in a difficult time!"

Published  14.03.2020
We are facing a tough time ahead of us due to the spreading of the Corona virus, where taking social responsibility matters more than ever.
Naturally, sport worldwide is affected.  This means that all shows in the nearest future is cancelled. Hopefully we are back to normal life and normal sport as soon as possible. 

Edwina says:

"At this moment, the sport is less important. Let's put health and safety first. None of us knows at this moment what the final outcome will be, or how long this situation will last, but let's do our best to make our everyday life as meaningful as possible, and bring in some positivity to our lives. Hopefully, things will be back to normal in the nearest future. At times like this, being around horses and our loved ones matter more than ever, even though most of us need to keep a distance to each other. Keep safe and look out for each other in the coming weeks!"
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